Arduino IDE syntax

General Structure
setup() Run code once at beginning of program
loop() Loop code continuously
#define X value Replace all references to X with value at compile time
#include library Include library in sketch and access its functions
Control Structures
if (expression A) {do thing A} Do thing A if expression A is true
else if (expression B) {do thing B} Do thing B if expression A is false and expression B is true
else {do thing C} Do thing C if all the above „if“ and „else if“ blocks are false
for(int x = 0; x < 100; x++){println(x)} Set x to 0, then while x is less than 100, print X and increment x by 1
while(statement){expression} Keep doing expression while statement is true
do{statement}while(expression); Like while loop, except expression is evaluated after statement runs once
switch(var){case X: statement X break; case Y: statement break;} Run statement X or Y depending on whether var is X, Y or a different value
break; Exit a for, while, do while loop or switch statement
continue; Skip rest of current iteration of for, while, or do while loop, start next iteration
return value; Terminate the function and optionally return value to the function that called it
goto label; Send the program flow to `label:`
Comparison Operators
== Equals
!= Is not equal to
< Less than
> Greater than
<= Less than or equal to
>= Greater than or equal to
Boolean Operators
&& And
|| Or
! Not
Bitwise Operators
& And
| Or
~ Not
« Bitshift left
» Bitshift right
Compound Operators
x ++ x=x+1
x – x=x-1
x +=y x=x+y
x -=y x=x-y
x *=y x=x*y
x /=y x=x/y
x %=y x=the remainder of x/y
x &=y x=x&y
HIGH/LOW Pin input or output voltage is high or low
true/false Boolean values
LED_BUILTIN Pin where built-in LED is connected
pinMode(pin, mode) Set pin to either INPUT, OUTPUT, or INPUT_PULLUP
digitalWrite(pin,value) Set pin to either HIGH or LOW
digitalRead(pin) Read value of pin, which will be HIGH or LOW
analogReference(type) Configure refence voltage used for analog input
analogRead(pin) Return input voltage of pin as integer between 0 and 1023
analogWrite(pin,value) Output PWM wave to pin with duty cycle of value (between 0 and 255)
min(x,y) Return the smaller of x or y
max(x,y) Return the greater of x or y
abs(x) Absolute value of x
constrain(x,a,b) Limit x to the range a-b, return a or b if x is too small or too large
map(value,fromLow,fromHigh,toLow,toHigh) Map value from one range of numbers to another
pow(a,x) Calculate a to the power of x
sqrt(x) Square root of x
sin(x) / cos(x) / tan(x) Sine, cosine and tangent of x
randomSeed(x) Start the pseudo-random number generator at point x
random(min,max) Generate a pseudo-random number between min (inclusive) and max (exclusive)
millis() Return milliseconds since program started
micros() Return microseconds since program started
delay(n) Pause program for n milliseconds
delayMicroseconds(n) Pause program for n microseconds

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